Thursday, 7 June 2007

Born high forever to fly

Another line from that Donovan song reminded me of my college scarf with the badge sewn on to it. Remember it?

The bird is a chough, which is a pretty high flyer itself. I've seen them wheeling around the top of Mount Pilatus near Lake Lucerne, and understand that there is a small colony now resident in Cornwall.

The college motto was "Live Life to the Full" which we all used to snigger at a bit because life at Saffers under the strict regime laid down by Collins hardly encouraged that (although some people seemed to go for it - Judith Graves springs to mind!).

I'm not into heraldry but some of you might be, and could explain the significance of the chough and the 3 golden shields or crowns. If so, bring it on!

A sudden retrospective "aha!" moment - are they meant to be crocuses with saffron stamens?



Sandyboots said...

Do you still have your scarf? haven't a clue where mine went.thinke they are safron stamens

Mellow Yellow said...

Yes Sandra - I still have the scarf! I had to root it out of a cupboard to scan the badge & found a couple of perfect moth holes in it! Sounds like you're also on the saffron stamens idea - seems most likely. I have quite a few b/w photos of several of us wearing scarves so will scan & post them to jog a few more memories.
Really glad you're joining in & contributing to the blog get-together.
Joyce x

Sandyboots said...

My scanner doesn't seem 2 like black and white photos though it will do text. I may have some coloured ones. i'll have a look.