Thursday, 14 June 2007

Highlights of Judith's Memories

Do you remember -

Getting up at the crack of dawn to catch the coach to our TP schools, laden with charts etc., and that long journey around country lanes !

Dining at 'high table' and the small talk afterwards over coffee

Walking round Cambridge in our nighties and dressing gowns on Rag Day

Staying at the hall in Wisbech and having the choice of beans or spaghetti for breakfast - Lynda's hamster chewed the curtains in our room in the old stable block !!

The Summer Ball with the Swinging Blue Jeans

Meeting for coffee in The Chocolate Box on Saturday mornings


Mellow Yellow said...

Welcome Judith! And those memories too! I didn't join in the nightie parade for Rag Day (don't remember why)but watch out for a photo I have of someone in our group nightie-clad.

Was it the Swinging Blue Jeans..?? I'm a blank on them but remember we had once had Alan Price.

Sandyboots said...

Hello Judth, I do remember the nighty clad float, I was on it!!! If I remember correctly it was Stuart's peterhouse float( my first (boyfriend....I can't believe how innocent relationships were then!!)
I did't get to a may ball. I 2 have a photo somewhere

Sandyboots said...

I also remember the hamster! I can't remember the school I was at.

Jackie Hutchison said...

I remember the coffee on Saturday but had totally forgotten the name of the cafe.

Mellow Yellow said...

I can't remember this cafe at all, but I do remember going to The Salad Bowl sometimes for toasted teacakes on Fridays, often after we'd been to the swimming baths for our "lecture" & activities there. On reflection, I was almost always going into Cambridge on Saturdays to see Barry, so maybe I never went to The Chocolate Box!

Sandyboots said...

I remember the cafe but couldn't remember its name. I remember the salad bowl but I never ever went to the baths!!!!!