Saturday, 16 June 2007

Jackie's memories of Pam

The abiding memory of Pam for me is the music and her pots. It is because of her that I learnt to play the guitar and had such enjoyment singing at the Folk Club. That guitar playing saved my sanity in my first two years of teaching and has been passed down to my two children. I am sure you have memories of the pottery Joyce.

It was with Pam that I first listened to Sgt Pepper and of course that is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year.

I also remember going to a party in Cambridge with Pam. She was chatted up by this chap but unfortunately another Safferite muscled in and Pam was too shy and reserved to fight back. When we left I was a bit merry and wove my way down the white line in the middle of the road, to prove I was not drunk, threatening to punch the girls knee-caps as she was somewhat taller than me!

I kept in touch with Pam when we left college and we visited each other quite often, I remember her meeting Rob and how much he meant to her and how much love and pride she had for her boys. We would often talk about watching our children grow up, wondering what their futures would hold. Rob is dead now too but I did once get in touch with his second wife, who I met once, to ask if the boys would like some letters of Pam's that I had kept. I did not hear from them, but might try again.

She was so brave in her fight against cancer and never gave up hope. I had the boys to stay for a couple of summers at the end, when she was too weak to cope with them and Rob had to work.

I still have one of Pam's pots and fill it with greenery every Christmas as a way of remembering her, but I don't really need that as she will always be with me in the music.


Sandyboots said...

Pam left me with a love of music and pottery. I must say I have been more successful with pots!!! I can't play and I can't sing but I love music

Mellow Yellow said...

I have lots of memories of Pam as I shared digs with her in the 1st year, and we worked alongside each other in the pottery room for 3 years. I'll post my memories of Pam & some photos.