Friday, 8 June 2007

Jackie's memories

Sometimes hard to believe it is about 40 years since those halcyon days! I must say I do look on them most fondly, as they had a profound effect on my life.

First time living away from home and really Saffers provided a very safe haven to spread our wings, I realise this especially from the hindsight of my son's devastating experience at college. I know we railed against what we saw as claustrophobic restrictions on our freedom but at least there were people there to catch us if things did go wrong, of course we were minors then at under 21.

So many memories, where to start? Like Joyce's I think mine will come very randomly and not necessarily in order of importance:

first meeting with Sue over shared bathroom
queuing for meals and silly voices with Joyce
tiddlywinks with Sandra at Camb Uni
black cat in the common room (poem written to same!)
writing poetry for the first time
weekend meals in the new block common room
music with dear Pam and the folk club
long and often heated debates with Lynda about religion
composing silly folk songs with Judith
Gerry's blackbird impersonation
collecting worms at night for Sandra's biology project
tickling Lin's arm
Deben dances with Marilynne

Just gone off in a reverie, more to come at a later date!

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