Saturday, 9 June 2007

Joyce's memories

The memories and creative juices are starting to flow! Yes, I remember "Change your balls for beanbags" and it's a story I've dined out on quite a few times! As I recall, the response was "Not bloody likely!" and it came from one of the 2 men who were mature students during our 3rd year, when we went "mixed"!

Gerry's blackbird impersonations stay with me too - they must have been good! We've both laughed at this over the years.

Here we are last December when we met up with Gerry & Paul on our 39th wedding anniversary. Gerry gave us a gift & a card with 2 blackbirds on it.....!

Dracula's Daughter was overweight with grey greasy hair & was pretty scary. Of course, the challenge was to try and get away with pouring vap on your pud that had a cherry on it - kind of "oops - I'd not noticed" when she came out with that memorable phrase.

Does anyone remember going to the museum in Saffers for history/anthropology lectures? I remember being in a group of us there for the lecture, which was in a small classroom. We were all sitting on the back row. The speaker from the museum was passing around objects for us to look at - spears & hunting equipment I think. It was a rainy day & we'd got wet walking there. As the objects went along the back row, somebody passed their walking length umbrella round & we all admired it, making appreciative noises as we passed it (out of sight of the speaker) from one to another.

Last memory for now. Dr. A. She scared me stiff & I managed stay out of her way for the whole 3 years. She never knew who I was and in the 3rd year, when we were all in an education lecture she was giving, she gave back our essays, calling out everyone's name in turn as she handed out their work. It was after I'd got married and when she called out "Mrs. Hopewell" everyone in front of me turned round to look at me (newly-wed and all that). Self-preservation made me also turn around and look behind me as if looking for "Mrs. Hopewell" as I had no intention of her finding out who I was at that late stage of our training!

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