Saturday, 9 June 2007

Memories 2

Hi again, seems I was 2 hasty 2 post yesterday and wondered why I couldn't put my name on. I will look for more pics of good old saffers days although my scanner doesn't seem to like black and white photos. This pic is at an italian restaurant where Keith and I took Dom post Christmas. I still keep in touch with him. Lynda V and I went on a field trip to Woollacombe and I fell in a rock pool! I also remember a very hot trip ro Wicken Fen. What about box and cox then? My first memories are of meeting Lin down at our digs and then going up to college where I met some of the rest of you. Will post again but the sun beckons! love to all sandra x


Mellow Yellow said...

Box & Cox at Wisbech - who could forget that experience! All I wanted to do was get TP over and get back to Saffers as that was closer to Cambridge where Barry was.

I remember the digs you & Lin shared. They were quite close to college so we often used to go to your place in the 1st year for coffee.

Jackie Hutchison said...

Sandra you haven't changed at all, how do you do it?!