Friday, 8 June 2007

Sandra's memories

Where did all the time go? How did we all get to be 60? I used to dream about good old saffers for years, I used to dream we all went back for another course!teaching practice seemed endless, never thight I'd still be at it for over 30 years! My thoughts are rambled, I'm sure there's a poem here somewhere! Each time I've been through OFSTED I think of DR A...she was so intimidating and would have made a good OFSTED inspector.I've often told the tale of "Vap" She certainly wouldn't have passed todays health & safety regs!! Jackie, do u remember that Police cell we stayed in in London? Yes I remember the worms, but what about the leeches? Another tale I often tell is, "Change your balls 4 beanbags!" yes we winked and tiddled well! I also remember never having heard of an accent like Sandra's and certainly had never heard of Oswaldtwistle. I never dreamed I would live only a stone's throw away from dear old "Ossy" and the accent become so familiar. How innocent we all were in those days!!!! Not like today's young people.We all used to make our own dresses,we didn't need much material. The gold dress I wore to Judith's do is now a handbag... how's that 4 recycling? The folk club left me with a life long love of folk music and years ago I used to go to Blackburn folk club. However I now prefer American roots music, amongst other things.i also remember being called "The doormouse." Yes i still sleep a lot!

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