Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Who am I?

Joyce asked me to publish a bit about who I am now, like she and Sandra have done, but I really find this most difficult. Sue emailed me and said she is retiring at the end of this term and said she felt she was in a strange place, not really knowing who she was at the moment and I know just how she feels. You know who you have been and have hopes for what you may achieve in the future, but at the moment you are in a sort of limbo. I expect those of you, who have been retired for a bit longer, will have found the new you already and will be relishing this new life.

Also what you have been has been made up of so many experiences that you can't possibly fill them in for people you don't see every day, which means a biopioc of yourself is full of the 'big events', which are part of you, but don't give a rounded picture. I find myself having to repeat a litany, to everyone who asks, of what I am doing at the moment and padding it out to sound as if I am busy and useful and aren't wasting my retirement.

I can tell you about my children, my husband and family, but that's what I do in my Christmas letters and again that is only part of me. Sandra's Keith said to me at the first Saffron Walden reunion in 1984, that he had expected 'great things' of me and I suppose he meant in a global sense, such as making my mark on society. Well I think we all make our mark on society, even if we don't become famous, and who is to say that encouraging one person, as you go about your every day life, isn't just as important as writing a famous novel, becoming an MP or a media star?

Don't get me wrong, I am mostly enjoying life at the moment, but ask me in another year who I am now and I may be able to tell you!


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