Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Who are you?

Jackie's recent post is thought-provoking and makes me think in greater depth about how I describe myself. Although I've done a considerable amount of personal growth work and training, and now work in that area, it's not always easy or appropriate to respond, when someone asks "Who are you?" by coming out with something which could sound like New Age gobbledegook! By far the easiest option is to say I'm a mother, a wife, a teacher etc. and swiftly move on to what I'm interested in and what I do.

I guess that in many ways I'm the product of all that has gone before in my life, and which has brought me to this point in time. All my life experience, learning, my mistakes and what I'm currently dealing with are an integral part of me. Perhaps I'd focus on my sense of humour, which has seen me through in good times and in bad, and I've learned that it's good to laugh at myself and not take things too seriously, as they are constantly changing.

So here you are - here are two pictures of me. The first one is quite flattering and I don't mind it being posted on the web. It was taken a few years ago when we were on holiday in Cornwall and went to visit Pam Gamon, who was then 80. It was taken in her garden and I was surveying the scene - a few cats and dogs were around, as was the now very old seagull she had when we visited her there 15 years previously! I'd been in the sun and was a bit tanned. Best shot of me that had been taken for years.

The other was taken on holiday in Scotland when it was windy, my hair needed more than a touch-up of colour and it's generally not that flattering a shot. But I'm laughing and it's still me!! But that doesn't really tell you who I am! It's still a mystery because we're all complex and different people at different times.

So how would you answer the question "Who are you?" How would you reply? Do you have any good/bad photos of yourself, and would you be prepared to share them? (we are amongst friends after all, and we shared a lot during those 3 years at Saffers!).

Let's hear from you!

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Jackie Hutchison said...

In some ways it is quite comforting that us Safferites remember each other as we were because none of us have to put on airs and graces. If some of us have gone further in our careers or made more money than others who cares, when we have seen each other wash our dirty knickers or our mouldering coffee cups!