Friday, 24 August 2007

News of Now

A lot has been going on of late, and Friday 17th August was a memorable day. Our son Hugh & his wife Maylis left the UK for Hugh to take up a 2 year post in Houston, Texas. They have been living in Edinburgh for several years, and soon after their wedding 2 years ago, they adopted 2 kittens. They decided to take the cats with them to Houston, and to fly from Manchester airport which is near us, rather than from Edinburgh. Air France flies from Manchester, and they discovered that Air France is the only carrier which allows pets (in their carrying boxes) in the cabin.

The plan was that they should arrive the afternoon before, with cats and all the odds & ends that they weren't putting in storage or shipping to America to go into their new home. You can guess where most of those are now - yes, our garage.....! We took some farewell photos while they were here to mark the occasion:

Our dog was perfectly behaved with the cats once he recognised them as "his" cats that he'd stayed with in Edinburgh, and they all treated each other with the utmost courtesy.

Next morning we were all up early to go to the airpor
t, where the cats were duly checked in as cabin baggage, and their tickets were bought:

They've been in Houston for a week now, and sound as if they're beginning to settle down into their new life style. They're living temporarily in an apartment while they look for a house and await their furniture. The cats were no trouble and only miaowed quietly a few times during the 10 hour flight, and apparently they love the new apartment!

The other news of events on 17th August was that in the early hours, we became great aunt and uncle as our eldest niece gave birth to a baby boy in what sounds like top speed time for a first baby - two and a half hours!

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Jackie Hutchison said...

Sounds like you have had a very hectic time! My cousin lives in the Houston area but unfortunately she seems to have diasppeared from our radar since her divorce, or I would give you her address for Hugh to make contact.