Monday, 15 October 2007

Nice to see you - to see you, nice!

OK, I may be watching too much Bruce Forsyth now that this year's "Strictly Come Dancing" is underway, but it was nice to see everyone in Buxton (more than "nice" - it was pretty good all round!).

Photos to follow, and maybe a bit of tweaking on the overall appearance of the blog as there are now more up to date images to add. Hope everyone had a good journey home. Sandra looked liked she'd already found someone to chat to after we saw her on her train which was masquerading as a double-decker bus.

Some of us were even starting to talk about the venue and timing of the next get together - Historic Portsmouth in 2 year's time? (well, I billed it as a naughty nautical weekend and Marilynne was asking if she could have a sailor......!).

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Sandyboots said...

Can I have one too!!!!!! A nautical but nice venue would be good... I already have the tattoos!!! Had a very pleasant journey back until I got 2 Bolton. Typical, no cafe open. train was !/2 hour late,which meant an hour's wait altogether. The bus journey was lovely though. I can't believe how everyone looked so much the same as ever. Back 2 reality dealing with awkward children, only glad I had Monday off.Jackie & I have sorted out phone problems... my mistake as I gave her an invalid no.!!! Looking foreward 2 the pics.