Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Reunion at Buxton - Gerry's photos

Hi there – I’ve decided to make an effort and contribute to the Blog!! (Don’t faint with shock Joyce!). 

 Well, I was a bit surprised, I have to admit, but pleasantly so!
Nice to have you on board, Gerry (especially when you told me I could blog off when I first mentioned setting up this blog...!)
Having congratulated Joyce and Jackie on setting up such an interesting account of our past, I thought I’d better do something before Joyce wipes it off, as she threatened to do if we didn’t show more enthusiasm!

Buxton I felt was a great success despite the drizzly weather – apologies to the southerners – we do have blue skies ‘up North’ but unfortunately not that weekend! The meal was excellent (many thanks Judith for recommending the venue) and Jackie for all the hard work setting it up.
I have enclosed our photos, some of which are repeats but thought you might like to have the choice of which one you look best on!
Looking forward to the next one in Portsmouth??!!
Love Gerry.

Chatting in the lounge. . . . .and in the bar. . . .
Relaxed Judith and Lynda. . . . .
Enjoying dinner. . . .
Friendship goes back a long way. . . .There's that group again. . . .!


Jackie Hutchison said...

It is so good to see more people contributing, persuade the others it's not that difficult, Gerry!

Jackie Hutchison said...

Just to add that I would love to claim some responsibility for this excellent blog but I'm afraid it is all Joyce's work. She set it up and just got me to test it out.

Sandyboots said...

well done Gerry, you see, it's not that difficult!!!!! gr8 pics, thanks