Friday, 2 November 2007

Reunion at Buxton - Joyce's photos

Everyone seems to have gone quiet. Not a flicker from you. Apart from Jackie, that is. Where have you got to Sandra? Maybe some of you are lurking about reading this but not joining in??! Whatever, here are a few photos that either Barry or I took in Buxton.

Chatting in the lounge when we arrived......Lin, you have a very expressive face!!

Enjoying dinner in the Old Hall Hotel Restaurant

"Is that a bottle of wine I see before me....?"

What were you two up to....?!

Why so serious...? A bit of a grumpy group...

..aaah, that's better! Smiling now.

That classic line up of the class of '65-'68

and behind every successful woman there lurks a pair of socks that need washing..........!

On Sunday, a walk in the gardens opposite the hotel before we went our separate ways. And rumour has it that Lin and Sue are going to arrange the next reunion in Pompey.

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Jackie Hutchison said...

I agree, where are those other contributors? Linda said she had at last seen the blog, but where is her contribution? Come on Judith, at least you have had a go in the past, let's hear from you again.