Friday, 7 December 2007

40 years on. . . . .

Do you remember what you were doing 40 years ago? I do, but then I have good reason to! For a start, around this time in December 1967 I was appearing in the college pantomime production of "Cinderella".

I'm there on front row on the left at the bottom of the steps. I was one of the court dancers, partnered by Marilyn Lewis, who was the "bloke" - you can just see her head. I can't remember the names of anyone else....but the real man on the right hand side of the stage, playing the part of Baron Hardup, is undoubtedly Mr. "change your balls for beanbags"! This, as I recall, was what I was doing a week before my wedding on 16th December 1967, which is why I can remember what I was doing 40 years ago!

And of course, I remember my wedding day very well. Gerry was one of my bridesmaids. The day was bright, clear and cold. The sun shone. You all came to the wedding. Here are some photos.

Gerry with my cousin Christine, the other bridesmaid. Your hair was darker then, Gerry - and so was mine!

You all gave me a "bride's gift" to hang on my arm after the service, and I'm showing them off here. There were quite a lot of them, and I remember they were pretty heavy to have hanging on my arm. You can see the pastry cutters that Marilynne gave me. I still have them and use them every Christmas when I make mince pies.

Our favourite photo, known as "The Scarves". It was such a wonderful surprise to suddenly see an archway of college scarves unfurled for us to walk under to the waiting car. I don't know who thought up that surprise, but it's one of our highlight memories.

When we reached the car the confetti started to rain down. Nice capture of Jackie rolling up a scarf, Marilynne up to something, Lin and Pam looking on. Gerry looks a bit concerned...should be getting into one of the waiting cars...?

Much later on at the reception with my mum and dad, who'd organised everything whilst I was away at college. They're no longer around, but thanks to them all the same. They loved me something shocking.

Finally, a "back to the future" shot of us on the spot in Winnie Parsons Hall where we met at the college dance on 29th October 1965! This was taken at the 2001 reunion, when Gerry arranged for us to have a tour of the college. Barry is tapping me on the shoulder to ask me to dance - that's where it started!

We're off to Paris next week, and will be there for our 40th, on Sunday 16th. We went to Paris for our honeymoon, so it's a real nostalgic trip but with a difference. Our son & daughter-in-law who are currently living in Houston for 2 years will be flying in to join us, and our daughter will be leaving directly from work and boarding Eurostar to be with us. We'll all be staying in a large and rather grand apartment in the centre of Paris, arranged by our (French) daughter-in-law. Apparently there is a surprise planned for us, but we have no idea what, apart from the fact that we don't need any special clothing (!).

Thanks for the memories, for being there at our wedding, and for the friendship that has lasted the test of time. Raise a glass to us on 16th if you will!

And watch out, as I shall be featuring some of your wedding photos on the blog too!


Mellow Yellow said...

Jackie has sent me the following message:

I remember your wedding well, including the agonising you did beforehand, when you were trying to decide whether to go ahead or wait until you left college! The scarf photo was my favourite too and I still have a copy of it. As far as I remember the whole thing was quite spontaneous between the Saffers lot and Barry's college mates, I suppose someone must have had the idea, but I don't remember who.

Do have a wonderful anniversary and a glass will certainly be raised in this household to celebrate! Tell us what the surprise was when you come back.

I am in the process of adding some more Pam memories to the blog, inspired by yours. I am sure that her spirit will be raising a glass, along with your parents on the 16th. Love Jackie

Jackie Hutchison said...

Isn't memory strange? As I said I can clearly remember your wedding but have no recollection at all of the pantomime, although those of us not in it must surely have watched it.