Thursday, 6 December 2007

Pam again

Joyce's post has made me think again about my memories of Pam. It seemed our singing voices blended so well together and making music with Pam was one of the highlights of my time at Saffers. In fact making music with anyone is a real joy for me.

I also think about Pam after we left college because I was in touch with her quite often when I moved to London and she was back in Bromley. Pam was such a modest person and really couldn't believe how lucky she was to meet Rob and find someone whom she could love so much and who loved her. Then when she had her boys her happiness was overwhelming. Even after she was diagnosed with cancer she would talk about watching them grow up and wonder what they would do with their lives.She was so brave and full of hope and the long letters we exchanged were never full of self pity, in fact we often had a good laugh.

Like many of you the last time I actually saw Pam was at that official college reunion in 1984. She looks so gaunt in those photos, doesn't she? In fact she had lost quite a lot of weight even before she got cancer. However we carried on writing to each other and we had the boys for a week for several summers, as she had got too weak to look after them during the holidays and Rob had to carry on working to support them all. They were shipped around to friends and relatives. My two got quite fond of them and Mousey Brown, Nicola's toy, (who I think Joyce will remember!) became best pals with Duncan's teddy!

I last saw Rob after he had married again and moved to Grantham. Sue his new wife was very nice and down to earth, she seemed to care a lot for the boys. Sue let me know when Rob died of complications from his diabetes. I did ask her to tell Chris and Duncan I had kept all the letters Pam had written to me if they wanted them, but I didn't hear from them. I may get in touch again if Sue is still living at the same address.

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Mellow Yellow said...

Jackie, those memories of Pam concur with many of mine when she was ill. We wrote to each other and quite often talked on the phone. Barry & I went to see her when we were visiting my parents in London - she was ill at the time but so positive & courageous. I remember her phoning me to tell me of a tussle she'd had at an appointment at Kings College Hospital, when she was kept waiting around for ages on a trolley. Then the final straw was being told her transport home was delayed (I think she had a hospital car). She erupted and stormed off (we laughed a lot about this as she could only walk slowly - but she did so very angrily!!) and got herself to the station. This was all in my neck of the woods of London, and if you were OK, the station is not far to walk from the hospital; if you're weak, it's a big hike. But she got there, got on a train and got herself home. I so admired her determination & courage.