Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Did you feel it?

Did the earth move for you last night? Here in the north west it did! I was awoken by the bed shaking, turned over and muttered to husband "What are you doing?", thinking he was scratching violently! In my half-asleep state I wondered if there had been an earth tremor, then turned over and went back to sleep. He didn't wake up at all.

My ears pricked up when listening to the "Today" programme, though, where the full news story was told. Meeting people out today the first question was "Did you feel it?" Don't we all love a bit of drama? Some have more than they wanted though, with structural damage to homes.

We have family in Lincolnshire, about 20 miles from the epicentre, so catching up with their experiences will be interesting.

Other earth tremors of recent times that I remember are in the 80's, when there was one centred in North Wales. A crack appeared in our drive and along a window frame. The children were excited and a bit scared too. At the time I was doing social work with the elderly. A story was doing the rounds that one of the local GP's had been called out for a home visit to an old lady who complained of the room and furniture shaking and wobbling.....

In the 90's there was another tremor. Our dog at that time (a Westie) started barking seconds before the desk I was working at started to shake. I was on the phone at the time, booking us a holiday, and remember saying to the person I was speaking to "I think we're having a small earthquake here...!"

Most frightening of all was on holiday in Yugoslavia in the early 1970's. We were on the 5th floor of the hotel and awoke in the early hours to find the beds shaking violently and the pictures on the wall rocking from side to side. We weren't sure whether to head for the door or the balcony. A few years later there was a large earthquake at the same resort. Two out of the three hotels in the complex collapsed and lives were lost. The one left standing was the one we'd stayed in.

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