Friday, 29 February 2008

Our first award!

My blogger friend Barbara, who I had the pleasure of meeting in Paris recently, has very kindly awarded us the "Nice Matters Award". It's a recognition of friendship and support amongst the blogging community and a special honour from Barbara. It's encouragement for Mellow Yellow & Co. as we have just recently gone public with our blog which started life as a contact point for teachers trained at Saffron Walden College of Education. Thank you Barbara!

Barbara, who is an American living in France, writes an interesting and informative blog called Home in France, so do drop by - she inspires me with her warmth, friendship and breadth of interesting posts.

Bloggers united in Paris. From left to right: Maylis of Two Years in Texas, Yours Truly, Barbara, and Abby of Greenabby.

Addendum - 5.4.2008
Barbara has left a comment saying she also nominated us for the "Bloggers with Integrity Award" ( see it now proudly displayed in the sidebar!). I'd not grabbed that one as it seemed a bit greedy, having only just gone public and all that - so once again, thank you Barbara for the award and for your encouragement! We'll wear both of these badges with pride.


barbara said...

Yes ! Yellow Mellow's first award.
You are very welcome and I'am enjoying your blog, and getting to know your friends also.
Keep up the good work, ladies ;)
Don't forget the second award that I tagged everyone with :
"Bloggers with Integrity".
That is also yours.

Take care.

Mellow Yellow said...

Hi Barbara,

Thanks so much! It felt a bit greedy to grab both awards, but OK, as you tagged us with the other one, we'll go for it - after all, integrity is a vital part of being a fully paid up member of the human race, as we aspire to be, as people and as teachers.

Thank you :-)

barbara said...

You could help yourself to a second serving, too !Everyone on my sidebar deserves this one. This integrity prize is equally important; it shows blogs that are "clean" ones.
You all deserve this one too.

Bye for now.