Thursday, 27 March 2008

More thoughts from Saffers

We have talked a lot in our blog of the fun and social life and bits about our emotional life but Saffers was a whole life enhancing experience for me.

The first time I had lived away from home. Even though the all female college was thought stifling by some, I welcomed the more protected transition from home to the big, wide world. I suppose it sheltered us from the excesses of the sixties, as lived in the bigger metropolises, but some of the excitment of those times percolated through.

Do you remember the time we organised an informal debate between staff and students over coffee in the common room? This might seem tame, by today's standards, but it was quite a departure for Saffers and a blow for student lib. I realise that others were being more radical in their protests elsewhere in the country, but for young women only one step from being schoolgirls, this was quite a leap forward into adulthood.

For me though, it was the broadening of my mind that was the biggest thrill and my final year at college was a most amazing experience. It seemed to me that the previous two years of floundering and indecision crystalised into a realisation that anything was possible, if you were prepared to embrace it.

So then I left college and went out even further into the wide world and it bit me! But now at the other end of my careeer, having retired, I feel those possibilities opening up again if I am prepared to embrace them and I might not have that understanding if I hadn't been for good old Saffers.


Mellow Yellow said...

Jackie, I completely missed out on that debate you mentioned and didn't even know it had happened! Once again, it's interesting to learn how our college experiences differed even though we were all friends meeting daily in the same group for those endless cups of coffee and chatter!

What was significant for me was being invited, along with Marilyn Lewis, by mature student Pam Gamon to join her and her friend Phyll in forming a singing/dancing entertainment group. We did this, had lots of rehearsals, borrowed costumes from a West End theatre (Pam had theatrical connections!) and had bookings for a few gigs in the area, performing most memorably for the masonic dinner in Saffron Walden!

Jackie Hutchison said...

Joyce I do remember you dancing with Pam Gammon and I seem to remember trying out for the group, but it wasn't for me. I still find it very difficult to remember a sequence of dance moves, even though I still love dancing. I gave up Tai Chi for the same reason and went back to Yoga.

I think perhaps as a married lady you might not have spent so much time in college in that final year, so that may have been why you weren't involved in that debate. A number of us were involved, some making coffee for everyone and I chaired the discussion. No one else wanted to do it, but in fact I really enjoyed doing that in the end. I think it is why Keith said that he 'expected great things of me', in a rather disappointed way because he thought I hadn't delivered!

Jackie Hutchison said...

Sandra, do you remember the debate we had in the New Building Common Room when quite a few of the staff and our year got together to discuss issues that had been bugging students and come to that staff. Were you a coffee maker or did you join in the discussion? We put up posters around college to invite people to come.