Thursday, 3 April 2008

Saffron Walden College 1966

Taking a trawl through the archives, I've found a few interesting photos which kind of follow on from Jackie's comments in the previous post about new things opening up for us at college, through the activities we took part in and the people we met. They tell the story mostly in pictures, and this first one shows some of our group of 10 student teachers lounging in the sunshine on the bank by the tennis courts behind the college main building. L-R are Lyn, Judith, Yours Truly, Sandra and Marilynne. Behind us the famous fire escape is visible - many a late-arriving student crept up it and climbed in after an illicit late night out!

Same group, same lunch break, on the path joining the main building to Butler Hall (always known as "the new building") . . . . .

. . . . . and again on a seat in the college grounds - must have been a long lunch break!

Yours Truly with Sandra, dancing the minuet??

All this (I think) took place during the summer of 1966, when we were coming to the end of our first year of training, and were probably winding down and relaxing having got through that first year and our first teaching practice. I can't apologise for how we looked and dressed as that's what students looked like in the 1960's!

This was taken at the college summer fete - L-R: Lyn, my Mum, Barry (yes, I married him), Yours Truly, Gerry. It was a scorching hot day for the fete, and the college was open to everyone that day, so people from Saffron Walden town came along to join in.

The entertainment events included Morris Dancers battling it out with sticks as part of their routine,

and one of the Morris Men was dressed up as the Hobby Horse (or 'obby 'oss as I think it's probably known as in Morris dancing and Mummers play circles).

Finally, a photo of another part of the entertainment on offer that day - a small dancing group formed by Pam Gamon, mature student (she's centre back, left, looking far more confident and assured than the rest of us, with her feet firmly planted on the ground and hands on hips). I'm loitering hesitantly front right, and know that being involved in that dancing group was a significant and very enjoyable opportunity for me, and it kept me dancing throughout my college years and beyond.


barbara said...

Very delightful :)
Even though I'am from the "outside looking in", I can sense the wonderful bonds that you all had together.
Those must have been the best of times for you all.

Jackie Hutchison said...

Joyce, I recognise Marilyn Lewis and Pam, but who were the others in your dance group? Were they all from Saffers?

Jackie Hutchison said...

....and who was taking the photos of the college group?

Mellow Yellow said...

Hi Barbara,

Thanks for dropping by and taking a peek at reminiscences from way back! Yes, we did have some very good times in between the hard work and getting essays in on time!

Jackie - I also wondered who had taken the photo, and thought it may either have been my dad as my parents were there that day, or Barry, who was also there. It's a photo I've always had with my own old Saffers pics, rather than one I inherited from parents, so I suspect Barry took it.

The others in the dance group were all students from our year. From L-R: Marilyn Lewis, Lavinia Hill, Pam Gamon, Toni McKenna, Carol Baker, me. Does that jog some memories?!

Joyce x

Jackie Hutchison said...

Funny I recognise all the names except Lavinia Hill, was she in any of our subject groups or was she a mature student too? I did wonder if it was Toni McKenna as she was a bit of a glamour puss! Poor thing had a dreadful car accident not long after leaving college, didn't she? Never heard how well she recovered.

Mellow Yellow said...

Hi Jackie,

Lavinia was our era, not a mature student at all, very "cut glass" accent and I have a feeling (it's only a feeling, mind!) that she may have done English main course. Didn't know about Toni's accident, but do remember seeing her at the big Old Student's reunion we all went to when Gerry & I stayed overnight at your house.

Jackie Hutchison said...

I believe I might have heard of Toni's accident via Mr Burgess, obviously must have been after that reunion.

I still can't place Lavinia, who were her other friends, can you remember?

Mellow Yellow said...

No idea or recall on Lavinia's other friends - may possibly have been Sheila Hanks and Shuna Campbell who are standing together on the back row of the famous college photo (coincidentally just behind Toni.)