Monday, 5 May 2008

Uptown Girl went West and Downtown

Just back from a memorable and very enjoyable trip to the US, first staying with Hugh and Maylis at their home in Houston, then taking a road trip with them to Nevada, Utah and Arizona to see the canyons, finishing with 4 days in New York City.

Still gently recovering from jet lag and physically rediscovering the time zone I'm in, and will write and share photos when I've had time to sort them out. Here are a few as a taster!

Maylis (keen photographer) has already put a fun selection of the road trip on her blog - click here for those - and I'll be back soon with more and a few views on experiencing life in America (hint - it was good!)


Jackie Hutchison said...

Just looked at Maylis' slide show the canyons are stunning wish I was there! Jackie

barbara said...

Welcome home !
I'am glad that you are both safe & sound. Although that jet lag is always hard.
I'am looking forward to discovering other photos too. I may be US born, but all this is new for me also!

Best wishes to all

Mellow Yellow said...

Hi Jackie & Barbara,

It's amazingly green and beautiful here back in the UK, and the contrast between the fantastic canyons of the West & the concrete canyons of New York is startling. Each has their own beauty and spirit, and I'm about to pitch in with a selection of photos/impressions of the trip, so keep tuned, and great to hear from you both.

Joyce x