Sunday, 18 May 2008

Viva Las Vegas!

After 10 days in Texas, we all travelled together to Las Vegas, where Abby flew on to Los Angeles and then to New Zealand for the rest of her holiday, and we picked up a 4x4 hire vehicle for our trip to the canyons and national parks of Utah and Arizona. But not before seeing Las Vegas itself!

Bright, garish, trashy, classy, busy, noisy, fascinating, amazing, excessive, a "must see". . . . like Blackpool in some respects, and in others, not like it at all! (it's hot in Vegas, for instance!). The place has to be experienced, and the experience entered into, and the picture of the fruit machine gives a good idea of one way we entered into it! But first of all, we went to Paris where we had a buffet "pay one price and eat all you can" lunch, which was delicious. The food was good, champagne was served at the start, and the restaurant setting was a mocked-up Parisian square complete with outside tables on cobbles (but it was all inside the hotel itself which is H-U-G-E like everything Vegas!). The sky appears to be overhead, always summer-blue, with a few fluffy clouds, and the sun always shines. It's a bit disconcerting when you notice the sprinkler valves in the ceiling painted into the overall sky appearance, especially if you've seen the Jim Carrey film, "The Truman Show"! What is reality and what is not. . .?

We ate, we played the fruit machines (you have to get out when you're winning - Maylis and I made a tiny profit!), we walked along the Strip and saw The Bellagio (setting for the film "Ocean's Eleven") and Caesar's Palace, went into The Venetian which has its own Grand Canal complete with gondola rides propelled by singing gondoliers - and that is upstairs on the first floor!!

The Wynn is the newest hotel there - very classy indeed, with patterned mosaic floors, giant lampshades which move gently up and down like slow yo-yo's, and a shopping mall to rival Bond Street, dripping with designer shops, including Tiffany's and Manolo Blahnik shoes (Sandra, eat your heart out). And I'm trying out a new photo display gizmo which both Maylis and Abby have used on their blogs to display photos of our time together in the States. It's my first go at this - another learning curve. As they say in the States, "Enjoy!"


Jackie Hutchison said...

Well I think that has finished me for the blog, my life is hum drum and drab compared with all that.

Will keep up with you via email, where the world is not watching!

Mellow Yellow said...

No way, Jackie - get blogging! You have just as much to say of value as I do!!

barbara said...

Hi Joyce,
I just bet that LV turned your heads around :)
Once in a lifetime experience !

Jackie, I'am American I have not experienced these bright lights either !

You both take care ladies.