Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Hi to new bloggers

It is great to hear from ex Safferites from other years, I do hope, like Joyce, that you will tell how things were when you were at college, get your friends to contribute too.

I wonder what had changed. Did you still have college 'mothers' i.e. third years who took you under their wing when you first started and did you still have to get exeats when you went out after 12.00? The first was comforting the second was irritating!

I'm not sure how long SWTC went on for after we left, as it is now a language school, so I wonder if it ever went co-ed, I can't imagine it!

Was Bernard Burgess still teaching there when you were at college? He taught Sociology as a main course subject, which I took and I am still in touch with him. I know he eventually moved on, to Homerton, I think.

Are you all still teaching? Most of us have retired now, but quite recently. Some of us moved on to other jobs after teaching for a few years but we remained in touch. I went into SEN mainstream, after a break to bring up my children and loved this branch of teaching, although I know it is not everyone's cup of tea!

I thoroughly recommend retirement, if you haven't done it already! Holidays offpeak and no planning, marking or admin paperwork!

Do let us know your memories and current experience of education.

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