Sunday, 23 November 2008

....and Pam and Jackie's weddings

Found some photos of Pam's and my weddings as only Pam came to mine and none of us went to Pam's.

The one's of mine unfortunately don't show Pam but you can see her husband Rob just behind my head. He has the dark beard - facial hair for men featured strongly at my wedding!!

In the one of us signing the register I seem to have a look saying 'didn't I get a good one' and I think Derek is checking my spelling of 'Hutchison' !

Pam had lost so much weight, hadn't she? This was before she had cancer.


Mellow Yellow said...

Thanks for those Jackie! I've never seen your wedding photos and think you looked just great in that lovely big hat!

I do have a photo of Pam & Rob's wedding somewhere but although I turned out files and boxes, just couldn't find it, so I'm glad you were able to lay your hands on one you had.

She sent me a colour photo and her dress was patterned and pinkish in shade. I thought she looked amazing, having lost so much weight. It suited her well, and as you say, it was nothing to do with the cancer she had many years later.

Jackie H said...

If you look carefully at my photo of Pam's wedding it is in colour too!

My photos are in black and white, again because cost was important and my father in law took them and he hadn't facilities to print coloured photos.

My Mum made my dress for me and my sister in law and I did the catering. We even spent our honeymoon at my sister's house in Somerset and had wonderful weather, even though we married in March.

Mind you I think our wedding probably meant just as much to us as these ridiculously expensive ones people seem to have these days.