Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Saffers weddings of the 60's and 70's

I've been meaning to do this for a while, having looked through my old photos of special and significant events during and after our 3 years of teacher training at Saffron Walden College.

Weddings. All 10 of us in our group got married, some earlier than others, and some of us attended some or all of those weddings, so here are a few priceless photographic memories of some of the nuptials. I don't have photo's of everyone's wedding as I didn't go to them all, but for those I did attend, someone somewhere will get a smile out of the way we looked then! Bear in mind that wedding dress styles do change and if we look dated now, all I can say is that we've also worn well!

My wedding was first, in London in December 1967, and whilst I was a student in our 3rd and final year.

Next came Lin and Ian's in Portsmouth in April 1969.

Next (I think!) came Judith and John's - but it may have been Gerry and Paul's - so if I've got that wrong I'm sure someone will correct me! Judith was married at Easter in Bedford (1970?), and it's clear from the caption on this cutting that she was keeping teaching in the family!

Here are Gerry and Paul at their wedding in May in Leeds (1971?) Following along behind them are Ian, Lin, Sandra and Jackie.

I was one of Gerry's bridesmaids, along with her schoolfriend Jay. Most of us were at this wedding. L-R: Judith, Lynda, Jackie, Bridesmaid Jay, Gerry, Yours Truly, Sue, Sandra, Lin. There was a very good turn out of hats at this event. . . . . .!

Finally, here are Sandra and Keith at their wedding in Melton Mowbray on 31st December 1972. I remember this well as it was a very foggy and very cold day. I was heavily pregnant beneath that cape I'm wearing. The lady on the left was sensibly tucked up in a full-length coat whilst Gerry was sporting a short skirt and sexy over-the-knee boots. I'll refrain from making any comments about the mens' hairstyles, but Sandra looked great!

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Jackie H said...

Great to see all those weddings. I did atend some of them, note my hand on the left I have always believed, in the photo of Joyce's wedding!

I dropped off the radar for a while as I moved so often and Sandra's wedding invitation eventually found me after the event unfortunately.

My own wedding was a small affair as money was tight for Derek and I, so Pam was the only Safferite invited. Pam didn't actually invite any of us, but I have a picture of her wedding and will look that out, with one of my own, and post them on the blog just so you can see how we looked too!