Friday, 19 December 2008

My Review of 2008

Looking back over 2008, I've chosen some of my personal highlights/memorable events. Impossible to include everything in the slide show (turn the sound off if you don't like the music - afraid creating the show comes complete with it and I don't know how to turn it off)! so this is just a quick tour. What it can't do justice to are the smaller details, but I've tried to inlcude some of these, such as watching the humming-bird hawk moths feeding in the September sunshine in the Dordogne, the visit to the Museum of Fishing in Etaples, northern France, where I put my hand into the pool of rays and plaice and stroked them, and seeing how my first great-nephew, Sam, has grown in his first year.

The Belle-meres together at the Jodrell Bank Radio Telescope Observatory, not many miles from where I live, was an enjoyable event. We are mothers-in-law (belle-meres) to each other's children, and have become good friends. This was Claire's first visit to us and we enjoyed showing her around our part of the UK. Jodrell Bank was just one of the places we took her to see as we packed in plenty of tourist trips during her stay. She took us to the fishy pla(i)ce at Etaples when we visited her later in the year.

Dressing up as Gangsters and Molls at the dance weekend we went on with our dancing school was great fun, and I was honoured to be selected to take part in the 25th anniversary display at Crufts by Pets As Therapy, the charity that I our characterful Scottie dog work for. It was quite scary going into that huge arena - it seats 6,000.

I've already written quite a lot about our US trip earlier this year, and about the award of Abby's post-grad certificate of education from the University of London. I've included Barack Obama's election as 44th US President - that was a high point shared with so many around the world. and I end on a personal high point with the publication of my second book The Living Birth Chart.

Oh yes, and I've retired! So here's the slide show, plus a couple that I can't resist adding. I had my photo taken with a New York cop in Grand Central Station, and spotted this large statue of Miffy being hosed down and getting a wash somewhere near the UN headquarters. If you're a teacher or a mum, you'll remember Miffy!


Barbara said...

Hello Joyce ,
Clap clap clap... you are so right to showcase these wonderful moments.
You & Barry had a wonderful year !!
I enjoyed your slideshow very much.

Sending you lots of love from France.

Mellow Yellow said...

Thank you Barbara. I was inspired to to this "Review" when in a slightly grumpy mood and decided to counterbalance this by looking at some of the good things that had happened this year. I was quite taken aback to see there were so many, and realise I have a lot to be grateful for.

Love from England,

Joyce xx

Barbara said...

Happy New year to Joyce,Jacke & Sandee !
To start 2009, I have award your blog an award.

To wear with a smile :)

Maylis said...

great slideshow!! Thanks!