Friday, 23 January 2009

Antony Gormley's "Another Place"

The sculptor Antony Gormley created a now well-established art in the environment project called "Another Place".

Located at Crosby beach, just north of Liverpool, it is a great place to visit, and I've been there several times - each time it's different depending on time of day, time of year, weather, light etc.These photos were taken on a day in December. It was sunny, clear and very cold but the experience was well worth the tingling fingers and rosy red cheeks.

Gormley used his own body to create the 100 statues which look out to sea, and are washed twice daily by the tide. When I arrived the tide was up and only a few statues were visible. It soon started to retreat and more and more statues were revealed.

Here is my selection of photos from the day, which ended with a fabulous sunset. Waiting for this it grew colder and colder, and then I headed home as the sun disappeared and the temperature dropped even faster.

Each statue is mounted on a plinth

The twice-daily tides weather the statues

He's life size!
Detail of weathering
Some of the 100 statues
The sun begins to set
The statues stand alone on the now deserted beach


Maylis said...

A superb collection of pictures! Thanks for making me relive the day! :-)

Barbara said...

Hello ladies,
Joyce, I really enjoyed my visit to "another place" .
That was fun to incorporate your "troop" also amongst Gromley's statues !
I don't know what all these men looking out to the sea could represent but it is unforgettable.

Hugs to you all xx

Jackie H said...

These are sculptures I have on my wish list to see and I am sure we will as my sister lives near Liverpool. Also his Angel of the North, have you seen that one?

I love sculptures that compliment the environment and these look as if they are very appropriately sited.

Pam would have loved them too, wouldn't she?

Mellow Yellow said...

Hi y'all,

Thank you and I'm glad you enjoyed seeing some of the things we saw and shared. I enjoyed putting this together and even though it's the 3rd time I've been there, it still gives me a buzz. Pam would indeed have loved it there.

Yes Jackie, I've seen the Angel of the North but only as we drove past it.I find that one very inspiring, and I managed to get a photo by hanging out of the window, snapping and hoping for the best!

Joyce x