Sunday, 1 February 2009

Keeeep Dancing!

I've danced since the age of 4. I went to a dancing school, learned tap, ballet and stage dance and performed on stage in various shows up to the age of 14 when I took a break as school work and exams got in the way.

I went to Saffron Walden College to train as a teacher and started dancing again, becoming part of a small dance group who performed at local gigs for a modest fee. Then when I became a teacher I ran an after-school dance club. When I stopped teaching and was a full-time mum I took my daughter to dancing classes. As there was a mum's class too, I joined that and happily tapped my way through two stage shows in which we both performed (but not together!).

Over the past 2 years I've reconnected with my love of dancing. Watching "Strictly Come Dancing" has helped and inspired this, and Barry & I now go dancing twice a week to a local school of dance where we do Ballroom and Latin. Not only is it great fun, it's the best possible workout and I confess to feeling much fitter as well as shedding some excess pounds. The downside is that when we're learning something new, this can lead to a mild "domestic" on the dance floor as we argue about who's right and who's wrong! As we met on a dance floor, it's very good to get back to sharing and enjoying this social and sometimes strenuous activity together.

I recall that co-author Jackie used to do belly dancing, so it would be great to hear something about this too. In the meantime, here are a few photographic dancing memories, beginning when I was 5 and including some recent shots of the New Year's Eve dance at our dancing school. I'm very happy to "keeeep dancing"!


Beautiful, Dutiful Daughter ;) said...

Good slide show mum! :)
Abby xxx

Jackie H said...

I remember you dancing at College Joyce and I remember unsuccessfully trying out for your group.I hadn't had any formal training and I have always been hopeless at remembering dance routines, which is also why I didn't last at Tai Chi, do you still do Tai Chi?

I have always loved dancing and I have taken up belly dancing again after a long break. I don't pretend to be wanting to take part in shows now (those routines again!), but it is a very enjoyable way of exercising and the costumes are fun too! Unfortunately I don't think I have pictures of me before or since but I'll have a look and perhaps post them properly.

Derek and I tried a one off Salsa dancing class but the teacher must have been in his seventies and was just not inspiring! However you and Barry might inspire us to try dancing again, like you we love 'Strictly'.

Mellow Yellow said...

Thank you, Dutiful One! It was good to see you enjoying the dancing that evening.

Hi Jackie - I'd completely forgotten that you tried out for our college dancing group! I've had a few spells of doing Tai Chi but always seem to return to dancing in the end. Great to hear you're still belly dancing - what a way to keep fit! Some pics of you in costume would be fun to see.

We also tried Salsa for a while, then eventually found our current school which does a bit of everything and we're quite proud that we can now stagger through a tango routine muttering "quick quick slow - and quick..." etc as we go! By the way, our teacher is 70 going on 17 and gives us some really punishing workouts, including rock'n'roll which we're currently learning. Oh my poor knees...!