Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Rock around the Clock

We've recently been on a dance weekend at St. Anne's on Sea with our dancing school. The theme for the weekend was Rock'n'Roll. Everyone was encouraged (expected!) to dress up in 50's dance hall style on the Friday night and rock'n'roll their way around the dance floor after a 3 course meal.

Barry & I opted for the "Grease" look, it being the easiest to put together (for him - he didn't fancy the Teddy Boy coat!) and he entered into the spirit of the thing by growing his hair and sideburns, and allowing me to attack him with curling tongs, gel, backcombing and hairspray! The finishing touch was to swish his hair into a "DA" (duck's arse) at the back. The payoff was that the hairdo caused quite a stir and attracted lots of compliments. It also meant he didn't need to wear a black quiff-and-sideburns wig like lots of the men did - and eventually took them off as they were too hot!

Most of us there being recycled teenagers, we flung ourselves into the rock'n'roll dances, which we'd been learning for weeks in preparation for this event. But were also grateful for a few more sedate dances, like waltzes and rumbas. We knew we had to save some energy for the class the next morning, followed by the Saturday night dinner and dance ( sedate and black tie) followed by the Sunday morning class. . . talk about a work out!

Here are a few pictures of the Friday rock'n'roll night and the sedate dressed-up Saturday night. Do you like my pink socks. . . .?!


Jackie H said...

I'm afraid I remember it the first time around! I love the rock and roll and glam outfits. Barry should wear the hairstyle more often, how about at our next reunion, do you think the others would go for a rock and roll theme?! I suppose sixties would be more appropriate for us!

Mellow Yellow said...

Yes Jackie - I remember it all too well, which is why I felt a bit silly dressed up like a teenager. That is, until I saw everyone else looking like recycled teenagers too! I'll pass on your comments and suggestions to Barry about his hair - but will tell you the latest. He went to have it cut earlier this week and got the hairdresser to style into a similar but shorter style (based on all the complimentary comments he got at the weekend!)

I honestly can't see much take up for a 60's theme from our lot for the next reunion - unless someone out there would like to prove me wrong....!?

Maylis said...

Fab clothes and hairdos! Looks like it was a lot of fun!!

Barbara said...

Hello ladies,
That looks so fun !! The 50's were one of the happier eras in time.
You & Barry rock ! Woo; great hair, Barry :)

When I look back at my younger days, I don't remember the 70's & 80's as being as memorable with the dances.

See you again soon.

Sandyboots said...

well, i'm not wearing a mini skirt!! LOl

Jackie H said...

No mini skirt for me either! But I might manage some hippy gear - peace man - not what they wore (or didn't wear) at Woodstock, though !!