Tuesday, 14 April 2009

The New Kitchen


Not a word from this blogger (or the other two!) for weeks.

What's been going on?

I've been to London, where I posed with 2 iconic figures from the past which I happened to see sitting on a bench in Old Bond Street.

Then things got rather busy and messy whilst we had a new kitchen fitted. Life kinda took over and there was plenty to do, but now it's all (nearly) finished so here are a couple of photos of the new heart of the household chez nous.

Since these were taken the pictures have gone back up on the walls and new blinds have been ordered. And I've started getting used to the new oven ( and liking it!).


Jackie H said...

Admire the new kitchen, we did ours a couple of years ago, it was a pig as the previous residents had been Artex fiends and we aren't!

Haven't got that excuse for not blogging but just lots of lesser things that eat away at the time and entusiasm. Must admit the garden has called in all its Spring glory.

Will try to be inspired by your return to blogging but, as I have just realised it is 3 o'clock in the morning, not now!!

Barbara said...

Hi Joyce,
I'm trying to get back in the swing with my blogs. I'm glad to be here.
Beautiful kitchen ! Do you have more space to work with ? I had brand new kitchen elements a few years back & it really didn't substancially increase my space.

Happy cooking with your new oven too !

I'm getting better day by day. I went out to the supermarket & sat down on a bench as D did the shopping . Psst; it's nice to be spolied :)

Hugs xx

Sandyboots said...

Hi, been busy, but here I am! I love the look of your new kitchen..flooring looks nice.Mine was a nightmare too!! Still all worth it! It must be nice to have a large kitchen.. mine's bijoux to say the least!!Will post some pics some time.Meanwhile i will post pic of blackburn's latest stupidity!Also a link to the article about it.Would be interested to hear your views.

Mellow Yellow said...

Hi Y'all,

Great to hear from you - and Barbara, it's good to know you're feeling heaps better. Keep at it, Didier, spoiling her!!

Kitchen is starting to feel more familiar and I'm really getting the hang of it now. Space is the same, Barbara, but we had it designed to create more in the eating area.

Great to hear from/ see your comments and photos Sandra & Jackie. Will have to now pass things over the you two for a bit as we're off on holiday tomorrow for a couple of weeks. I shall catch up when we're back and will look forward to some new & interesting posts - but no, don't even think about do it at 3 a.m. Jackie!!

Joyce x