Thursday, 14 May 2009

As I was

Sandra showed some photos of herself around 1949/50 and asked for pictures of us when we were young. Jackie has promised some photos of her belly dancing days (come on Jackie, it's definitely your turn now!) and I've come up with a few pictures of me at different times in my life.

The first one is my christening photo when I could have been somewhere between 3 and 6 months old - so that's 1945/46.
This next one was taken in 1972, when I was teaching. It was near the end of term, before the summer holidays started in July, and it was sport's day. One of the parents thought it highly amusing to have taken a photo with his telephoto lens of Mrs. H yawning on duty and it took a bit of living down in the staff room. There were jokes and comments about how enthused I seemed to be about our annual sports day. The truth was, I was very tired because I was in the early stages of pregnancy, but didn't know it at the time. I do remember that I could hardly keep my eyes open at this event, when I was supposed to be supervising my class into the correct order for the events they were in.

Finally, one taken in 1973 with the 6 month old baby that was making me yawn in the previous picture when he was but a tiny embryo! Just look at those hexagonal specs frames which were quite a fashion statement at the time!


Jackie H said...

You were cute and so was Hugh! I'm sure I can find some pictures of me as a baby, or my Mum has some.

I am hoping to show you a dvd of my latest belly dancing exploits, if my teacher can work out how to put it on line. We were part of a show in your first, married home town of Bishop's Stortford, Joyce.

Mellow Yellow said...

Well, I'd love to see you belly dancing on that dvd - lets hope you can get it to work!!

Jackie H said...

I think that belly dancing clip comes closer! My teacher has managed to copy DVDs for us and I hope will bring them this Thursday so if I can work out how to post it you will see me and the others in full wobble!! I'll try to get a still off too, so you know which one is me!

Barbara said...

Hi Joyce,
Wow ; I enjoyed these !
I'm already very much into photos, which I could look at for hours on end.

My God; you just looked that photographer squarely in the eye as a babe. No cutie pie smiles for me !

He he ; I can see why everyone made a little bit of fun of you at the time.It already must have been an all day event, which is long for anyone, preggie or not !

H is looking cute as a toddler !

Thank you for sharing my dear.

Mellow Yellow said...

Hi Barbara,

Good to have you drop by. Thanks for the feedback on me as a babe - hadn't realised I was eyeballing the photographer!

Yes, H was cute & of course I'm really thrilled that I shall be a "Mamie" before too long!!

Take care xx