Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Gearing up for the Fourth Plinth stint

Plinth day is getting closer and I'm definitely going to have to start doing something about it this week, like some preparation.

To date, 94 people have contacted me with the word they would like to me read out on their behalf during my hour on the Plinth on Monday 3rd August. I'll be there from 3 p.m. to 4 p.m. and you can watch me live by clicking here.

You can also add one word which expresses what YOU would like to see more of in the world by going to In 1 Word.

This all began when I asked my family and friends to give me one word which expresses what they would like to see more of in the world. I got a few daft suggestions - "money" said a local shop keeper I've known for over 20 years. The money was to pay his bills - kind of understandable in these credit-crunchy times. But being an OK guy, he quickly changed it (when he realised this wasn't quite what he meant) to "respect". Good one, Terry.

What I now need to do is start writing out their words on sheets of cards large enough to be seen by people in Trafalgar Square, including my group of about 10 supporters on the ground (thanks to all who have said they will be coming to watch. No heckling, please!). I also want the words to be seen/heard by the cameras which are recording everything that happens on the Plinth. Some of the highlights are screened weekly on the Sky Arts channels but apparently Mike Figgis ( I associate him with The Wombles children's TV programme) is making the whole thing into a film. I'd definitely like some of the words/qualities/things people would like to see more of in the world get into that!

I have to arrive in Trafalgar Square an hour and half before I'm due on the Plinth, in order to check in, show my photo ID to prove I am who I am, and get ready if I need to. There are secure lockers to leave valuables, and a changing room. Maybe I'll take a change of clothes in case I get wet up there - especially as daughter has arranged a visit to the theatre in the evening to see "Oliver!". It's going to a full-on day to remember. After the Plinth stint there's a debriefing session with the organisers in the One&Only cabin in Trafalgar Square - more on that after the event when I'll know what that's all about!

One person I will be taking up there with me "virtually" is not yet born. My first grandchild - a little girl, currently known as "The Little Miss" - is due on 2nd September, so there's more excitement to come! Here's the mum-to-be, my Belle-fille ( daughter-in-law) getting into role:

As for "what do I wear on the Plinth?" - I've really no idea beyond a) trousers in case it's windy (!) and b) practicality, which includes everything from wet weather gear to a sun hat!


Maylis said...

We are looking forward to watching you! Is anyone going to somehow record your appearance up there?

Barbara said...

Hello Joyce,

I'm getting very excited with you as your date draws closer !
Incredible- 70 words ( and possibly more) to take up on the Plinth. Great to have your group at the square; you need that physical support. But, there will be positive vibes from family & friends around the world.

I just know that you will be taking that little "demoiselle",your grand daughter, up there with your thoughts...

Big hugs to my favorite Plinther !

Mellow Yellow said...

Hi Maylis & Barbara,

So good to know you'll be watching! - that makes me think I'll say hello to you via the webcam streaming, which is live. I'll have to play to the cameras!

I plan to begin with a short period of reflective quiet thought, so please join me in this.

Then it will be the words, your names and I will say whereabouts you are in the world.

Yes Maylis, Barry will be on camera duty and there are around 10 family/friends who have said they will be there, which is wonderful. That's a good incentive to get up there & do it, then get down to see them all on the ground. I also gather from the organisers there may the possibility of people having a DVD of their hour if they want it (yes!!).

I'm certainly going to take The Little Miss up there with me, Barbara!

Love to you both,

Joyce x

Hélène said...

Congratulations Joyce !!
Claire told me about your draw and it was a real plaesure to see you on this fourth plinth, what a star you are now in London!

You were just perfect: no intimidation, clear voice, and what a surprise to hear in "direct live" that you are since this specific moment a granny :)

All the best to you both.

Looking foreward to seeing you with your 'little miss' ..

Hélène xxx

Mellow Yellow said...

Thank you, Helene, for being there and watching and for your support and good wishes.

Yes, it was an amazing experience to be in the Plinth and learn that I was a grandmother during that time!

I hope we see you before too long in France or maybe in the UK?!

Joyce xx