Tuesday, 29 September 2009

The Last Post

This will be the last post on this blog.

I started it over two years ago with the idea in mind that it would be a place of contact and sharing for me and the group of friends I had way back in the mid-60's at Saffron Walden Teacher Training College, plus any other ex-Safferites who happened upon it, and of course, family and friends who wanted a quick fix on what was going on! It was started in advance of the reunion we had planned for October 2007 - nearly 2 years ago now and here's one last picture of some of us who were there.
Jackie and Sandra joined me in adding things to the blog but life events kind of take over and there are other pressing demands on their time. It's been mainly down to me to keep it going and I've enjoyed doing this, sharing some of the places I've visited and most recently, my hour on the Fourth Plinth in Trafalgar Square and the arrival of my first grand child.

But now, for me, other things are more pressing, not least my other, main blog, Joyce Hopewell Astrological Chart Interpretations. You can keep up with me here but in a slightly different way, as I write about people and events in the news, looking at them through the lens of astrological psychology and with 23 years experience as a teacher, workshop facilitator, course tutor, conference speaker and author on this subject behind me.

This blog will self destruct in due course, and will disappear from the blogosphere. Thank you if you've read it and have come back for more. All things have their time and relevance, and this blog has served its purpose and has offered me many opportunities to hone my writing and presentation of photos, which I've enjoyed.


GreenAbby said...

It was nice to read about your stories and experiences at college with your Saffer's Girls!
I look forward to reading your Astrology blog which is fab! :)

Don't delete the blog tho....just remove it from public view. You never know it might be a nice thing to show the grandkids one day! :)

Abigail xxx

Barbara said...

Hello ladies,

Joyce- I enjoyed reading the stories of you and your friends. I've learned a bit about your past and a part of your life which is dear to you all.

Just call it a good experience and be happy for it.

Hugs xx

Jackie H said...

I agree with Abbey, don't delete it just keep it for your grandchild/children.

Shame events have taken over my life, I just don't have time to think let alone blog but I did enjoy keeping up with you and Sandra this way, especially the wonderful photos both of you took.

Perhaps we can resurect this some day when we get our lives back.

Mellow Yellow said...

Hello All,

Thank you for the kind words and also for the suggestion, Abby, that I keep this and for now at least, take it off public view. This suggestion is supported by Jackie and it's a good one. Thanks - that possibility hadn't even occurred to me! That's what I'll do, and I'll invite people to look at it ( if they wish!). Who knows, I might even get start adding things to it again when the time is right!

Jackie H said...

It's just before Christmas 2009, the end of a terrible year for my family culminating in the death of my Mum in October.

I've just had a quick browse through quite a lot of the blog as sorting my Mum's stuff has thrown up old memories that are reinforced here.

I am hoping 2010 will bring a much better year and perhaps we can persuade Joyce to reopen the blog if we promise to contribute more!

I am pleased you didn't delete it anyway.