Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Two weeks in Texas

Now we're home after our two weeks in Houston, helping out with the new baby, getting to know her and giving the new parents a hand, here are a few pictures of our time there. It was HOT in Houston, often reminding me of words from Chris Rea's song "Texas":

Warm winds blowin'. . . Heat'n'blue sky. . .

We had heat, storms, walks in the neghbourhood under the shade of the trees before it got too hot to go out, trips to the supermarket to stock up, trips to the Galleria - the mall with an ice rink and very classy shops (window shopping only!), cooked meals and enough food to freeze and keep them going for a while after we left, did the washing and ironing (well, I did!!), had a dip in the pool, a visit to a quiet cool art gallery (specially chosen as a good quiet place to take a young baby with enough there to interest the adults), and of course we enjoyed lots of quality time with our new granddaughter.

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Barbara said...

Hi ladies,

Joyce, I'm so happy to have heard on my blog of your & Barry's safe return.
My,my, that was so memorable for you all.I just love that pic where you are all together with Madeleine :))

It's going to be harder to be away from all your children now. I wish you all to be together very soon.