Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Waking up?

Encouraged by Gerry, seen here enjoying a G&T with me, I've reopened this blog and will see if it's ready for a few breaths of life at the start of 2012.

In the two years that it's been sleeping and off-line except to invited friends, much has happened. Gerry's mum Sylvia, now aged 98 and soon to be 99, has moved out of her own home and now lives with Gerry & husband Paul. Gerry's son Alex has married and they enjoyed a small, intimate and very beautiful wedding ceremony on Tuscany.

Another Saffron Walden group of 10 reunion took place in Portsmouth, arranged by Lin. Unfortunately Gerry and I both had to drop out because of last minute unforeseen family events, and one nameless person forgot the date of the get together, leaving a small but intrepid group who enjoyed a weekend by the sea in autumn sunshine.

The granddaughter who was born while I was up on the Fourth Plinth in Trafalgar Square is now 2 years old. She re
turned to the UK for just over a year with her parents and although they tried, they found living back in Edinburgh quite a challenge after the warmth of Houston. They got back just as one of the worst winters in Scotland set in - and decided that they would return to the USA to live. Not easy for any of us to come to terms with at first, but the right thing for them to do. We spent a year seeing a lot of them, supporting them and enjoying being with them, and at the beginning of January they went back to Houston where they're settling in once again.

In the 2 years since I last wrote here, Lynda has also become a grandma and by all accounts is enjoying this role enormously.

We'll be over to visit the family in Houston soon, and in the meantime we're looking after their cats, who have been here with us for 2 months, while their owners made all the arrangements about moving themselves and their worldly goods back to the States. They should be flying over to join them at the end of February. We'll miss them as they've wormed their way into our affections and are part of the household now.

Where this first waking up post will lead I don't know, but some life has been breathed back into this blog (see what you started Gerry) and if nothing else, it may encourage me to write. If I do, it will be my take on what I choose to write about - with a touch of saffron yellow woven into its fabric from time to time when there is news of those who formed the original inspiration to begin this blog.

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