Wednesday, 6 June 2012

The Olympic Torch

There was a lot of excitement in the small Cheshire town where I live when the Olympic Torch came through on its relay around Britain, ahead of the Olympics opening ceremony in London in July.

It was a damp day, but the crowds turned out in style to see the torch on its journey and spirits weren't dampened at all by the weather.

I was standing near the changeover point, where one torch bearer ignites the torch of the next, so here are some photos of the unlit torch waiting for the flame to arrive, and others of the crowd. Everyone was good humoured and the atmosphere was great. Like true Brits we were waiting patiently in the rain.

The hype was the accompanying convoy with buses, police cars and motorbikes, cyclists, music, and finally, the torch itself. It reminded me of waiting to see the Tour de France - a lot of waiting, excitement, pre-arrival hype and then it's blink and you miss it, as it's all over in seconds! But certainly worth the wait and a historic moment to be there for the event.
Many people had dressed in red/white/blue. The flag on this headdress drooped in the rain.

The anticipation builds; the rain comes down.......
The flags are out
The torch bearer waits for the changeover
Someone was texting the news!
Then back home through the rain when it was all over

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