Thursday, 23 August 2012

Mogollon Ghost Town

Mogollon is high up in the Gila Mountains in New Mexico. It's a hair-raising drive to reach this near-deserted mining town, travelling along narrow roads which twist and bend, with mountains on one side of the road and a sheer drop on the other.

Mogollon is not 100% a ghost town, as a few people still live in this old mining town. There are some artisans and there's a cafe for weekend visitors who come to this remote spot. There's also a museum (closed when I was there) about this old mining settlement.

It was a sunny, bright and cold day when I was there. The wind was gently moaning through the trees and it wasn't too hard to imagine what Mogollon could be like in the depths of winter.

Here are some views of the deserted town. The filling station with its rusting cars matched the rusty railway lines which were used for mining purposes.

Dilapidated general store

Rusting, photogenic car
This must have been a popluar venue for entertainment
This rust bucket looks like it was an early model!

Mogollon mail boxes - there are some people still living here

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