Saturday, 3 November 2012

Cadillac Ranch

A trip to through Texas, into New Mexico and then back into Texas again wouldn't be complete without visiting a couple of the sights in Amarillo. On the way there in the car we sang the Tony Christie song,  Show me the way to Amarillo, as we neared the outskirts of the town, and approached our first stop - Cadillac Ranch.

In a farmer's field there are 10 Cadillacs lined up vertically with their bonnets buried in the ground, as though they've made a nose-dive into the earth. Each one is covered in graffiti and people make special trips there, complete with spray paint, to decorate the cars. Entry is free. The whole thing is bizarre and slightly crazy, but hey, this is America where anything goes!

Here are some views of the Cadillacs and their decoration.

Decorated line up
Close up view
Painters at work!
This is why you don't drink and drive!
Next stop was at the Big Texas Steak House, where there is an ongoing, famous challenge to diners to eat a 72 oz. steak in an hour....we saw someone do this. Watch out for the next posting..........!

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