Friday, 21 December 2012

The Big Texan Steak House, Amarillo

Well hello once again. Almost Christmas & I've not written about the Big Texan Steak House just outside Amarillo. So here goes. It's definitely BIG and there's plenty to see. The decor is modelled on a wild west saloon and the main feature of the restaurant is the table up front where those wishing to rise to the challenge of eating a 72 oz steak with all the accompanying side dishes struggle to do so in just an hour. If they eat everything up, they get the meal for free. If they don't, they have to pay. When I ate there I think the current rate for the meal was an appropriate $72.

As you sit at your table, a small group of wandering minstrels - old timers playing hoe down style music - come to each table and serenade the diners there. It's an experience that's entertaining and not to be missed. I even sang along with them.

No I didn't have steak, but I had a whopping great caesar salad which was more than enough for me!

Ths is it! They go for BIG....

The 72 oz steak with an adult hand to compare its size against
View of the restaurant

The old timers strutting their stuff
He failed to eat his 72 oz steak in an hour, but the guy next to him managed it in 50 minutes

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