Friday, 29 March 2013

Elizabethtown Ghost Town

Elizabethtown is way out in the wilds in New Mexico, with snow-capped mountains nearby. This tiny town really is a ghost town - no-one lives there - but the cemetery still serves the surrounding community and provides a wild and beautiful final resting place.

There are a few scattered small holdings in the area, but it's a windy, rugged and remote place with a special beauty of its own. The cemetery is clearly visited by families as there are several resting places where floral tributes and other mementoes have been left. 

The cemetery felt like a place to be treated with respect, even though there was no-one else within miles. Parts of it were uncultivated, but there were some wild spring flowers in bloom.

Dilapidated dwelling with snow-capped mountains beyond
Ancient cooker on front porch

Cemetery entrance
Cemetery view with mountains all around
Wooden cross as grave marker - note it's firmly anchored with ropes to withstand the winds
Wild flowers in the cemetery

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