Monday, 18 March 2013

Glen Rio Ghost Town

Disused pumps at the garage
Glen Rio is just inside the Texas border, with New Mexico on the other side, and is on the old Route 66, which fell into disuse almost overnight when a new, faster road was opened nearby in 1973.

I went there on a hot day in spring. There wasn't much shade and even in bright sunlight it felt a bit spooky and deserted. This is probaby because the empty buildings weren't that old, as in the ghost mining towns in the US. A small handful of people still live there as a few houses off the road were occupied and have signs saying "Private property - keep out!" and this has to be respected as they probably get tired of ghost town gogglers disturbing their peaceful existence.

There were several interestingly ruined buildings, including a motel which had fallen into disprepair and was probably not safe to walk inside - which I didn't need to as there was enough to see through open doors hanging on their hinges.

Here are some views of Glen Rio, including perspectives on the old, disused Route 66, itself falling into disrepair.

Scenically deserted with desert scrub vegetation growing nearby

Disused diner with car parked nearby

Ghost motel sign

And the motel itself
Fancy taking a room here.....?
Old deserted Route 66 stretches on.....
..............and on, in both directions

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