Sunday, 10 March 2013

Kicks on Route 66

Travelling in the US, it's quite easy to pick up Route 66 somewhere along the line. This is what happened when I was on the border between New Mexico and Texas. First there was lunch in an original - and now vintage -  diner in Tucumcari, a town on Route 66. A 1960's motel open and in full use was alongside a disused motel and nearby was a very cool, old-style garage with vintage cars.

Inside the diner - decor authentic, food good!
Diner sign

The motel which is still open, with its colourful doors and chairs

But this one's closed and falling apart

The very cool garage
Old Chevy's on the forecourt
This was followed by a visit to the ghost town of Glen Rio on the old Route 66. More about this next time - watch this space.....

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