Saturday, 4 May 2013

Lincoln Cathedral

I recently visited Lincoln. It's where my husband grew up and it has one of the most impressive cathedrals in Europe - it's definitely on my list of favourites. The cathedral is on top of a very steep hill in the old part of the city - the street leading to it is called Steep Hill - and boy is it steep! Arriving breathless at the top of the hill, this is what you see:

The Cathedral is close to the old town buildings. Imagine those towers with huge spires on the top!
The Cathedral used to be the tallest building in Europe as at one time it had spires on top of its three huge towers. These fell down and were never replaced, but in spite of this, it still retains an imposing presence in the surrounding area of Lincolnshire as it can be seen from miles away
Massive central tower
Detail of the cathedral's west front
Inside it is vast. I've been inside when all the chairs have been removed, leaving a huge space, just as cathedral's used to be in the middle ages. The congregation milled around in the space and there was no seating. This time when I was there it was filled with rows of modern moulded plastic chairs. It's better when it's left empty.

The cloister encloses a grassed area, and is open to walk around. Having a liking for cloisters I took a couple of photos:

It was late afternoon and candles had already been lit in the choir area. The choir had come in to have a short rehearsal before evensong and the sound of their voices soared around the magnificent building, which was almost empty of visitors at that time of the day.

The choir in rehearsal

The quiet sanctuary
I lit a candle in memory of my daughter-in-law's grandparents, who died within 2 months of each other late last year. They were very special people and they would have liked Lincoln cathedral. Then it was out into the early evening sunshine for a walk to the Brayford Pool, still in the city centre area, where there's a marina- but it's also the swans gather.

This old bridge over the the River Witham is part of the High Street - there are shops on the other side

Brayford Pool, Lincoln's very own Swan Lake

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