Saturday, 15 June 2013


A nostalgic visit to Cambridge and to see the various colleges within the University. I'd not been there for years, did my teacher training at Saffron Walden about 15 miles south of Cambridge and did most of my socialising in Cambridge, which was pretty exciting at the time. A lot more exciting than Saffron Walden, which is actually very attractive and a lovely place to visit. I just didn't see it in this way when I lived there as a student!

King's College Chapel was the first stop. Stunning inside, with an amazing fan vaulted ceiling, some beautiful windows and with the recurring greyhound emblem of a local wealthy family, carved into the stonework. The famous Christmas service of nine lessons and carols takes place in the chapel and is broadcast by the BBC on Christmas Eve every year.
There's the greyhound, with bony ribs!
Fabulous fan vaulted ceiling
On to
Trinity College with its the huge Great Court. Inside the chapel there's a statue of Sir Isaac Newton who is associated with this famous college. This is the college famous for mathematicians and scientists as well as being the college where Prince Charles was a student. I saw him there once, in the Great Court, when he was a student and I was too. He wasn't alone though - he had his bodyguard with him.

Inside the courtyard at Trinity College
The Bridge of Sighs at St. John's College
Then it was on to St. John's College next door, and once inside the courtyards it's possible to walk to the River Cam, see the punters and look at the famous Bridge of Sighs which connects the college on both sides of the river.

Last stop was at Queen's College, which has quirky Elizabethan architecture and a massive clock in the main courtyard. It's like a sundial and it bears the 12 signs of the zodiac.
The main court at Queen's
The fascinating sundial clock

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