Friday, 26 July 2013

Reykjavik, Iceland

Icelandic countryside

Iconic Viking ship sculpture on Reykjavik waterside

Iceland is maybe not the first place that springs to mind for a summer holiday, but it's where I went with my family last August. It was different, interesting, spectacularly scenic - sometimes sunny, sometimes wet, and often quite chilly. But in spite of all of that, it was good too! Off the top of my head here are a few of the memories that come flooding back:

  • eating gourmet fish and chips in a friendly restaurant by the harbour
  • going by ferry to Videy Island and seeing the peace memorial to John Lennon, designed by Yoko Ono
  • visiting the geysirs and watching them bubble and spout hot water
  • catching a glimpse of one of the huge glaciers in the interior
  • eating hot dogs from a famed and recommended hot dog stall in Reykjavik
  • exploring the spectacular new concert hall by the harbour
  • visiting Thingvellir, site of the ancient Icelandic parliaments
  • walking along the natural rift in the earth between 2 technonic plates, with Europe on one side and America on the other
  • seeing wild open spaces and a land still in process
  • chilling out in the Volcano cafe in Reykjavik 
  • listening to a free organ recital in the cathedral (whilst sheltering from the rain) 
  • being awed by the mighty power of the Gulfoss waterfall

Icelandic ponies, Videy Island
Bubbling, steamy geysir about to blow
A glimpse of a glacier
The the hot dog stall - it was a popular eating place
Spectacular glass concert hall
Central Reyjavik, dominated by the cathedral spire
Polar bears on the streets of Reykjavik.....

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