Monday, 14 October 2013

White Sands, New Mexico

On a road trip in New Mexico I visited White Sands, near the town of Alamagordo. On arrival it was impossible to go there as a sand storm was raging, with grit and sand flying everywhere in the strong wind. By next morning, all was calm and sunny, so it was off to this unique National Park.

The top edge of one of the immense dunes in the park

I went there in Spring. It wasn't hot, but not difficult to imagine what it would be like there in the blazing midsummer heat with so much whiteness all around. It was dazzling in the sunshine, and following the signposted trails it was possible to walk around the entire area and be amazed at every new vista.

Here are some of the photos I took. White Sands isn't devoid of life, in spite of its desert-like appearance. Both flora and fauna have adapted to live in this harsh environment, and although I didn't see any of the creatures which stay cool beneath the surface of the sand in the daytime, I was able to read about them on the information boards. There was plenty of evidence of plant life and a new aspect to view at every turn of the trails. 
Grasses growing on the dunes
A trail marker is visible close by this palm-like plant which has adapted to the environment
A lone tree

Distant figures
Distant mountains
Sand whipped by the wind

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