Monday, 9 December 2013

In Bruges

No, not quite the film of the same name, but my trip to Bruges one snowy January. The roads were just about clear of snow after crossing the North Sea ( but they weren't in the UK), and it was a bone-freezing experience taking a quick walk by the Belgian coast, then drinking a welcome cup of coffee en route to Bruges.

Snow was on the ground there, and the city looked very attractive. Canals were frozen solid, with a mantle of snow settled on them. Everything took on the quality of a Breughel painting - there were some of these on view in the museums and art galleries.
Snowy Bruges canal - that's the canal on the right, covered in snow

Snowy cycles

Wandering around the city, which is easy to explore on foot, was a picturesque experience, but  needed to be interspersed with doing indoor things, like visiting churches as well as the museums. One thing very easy to build into the daily routine was a hot chocolate break in a warm cafe, often with a welcome fire blazing.
Hot choc with cream to add on the side, and a chocolate to eat

One aspect of Bruges which caught my attention was this ornate, heavy door in the city cente. The notice says, I think, "Push hard"!
Looks like it could withstand a battering!
Colourful stall on the market
Festive corner in the oldest part of the city
One of the many famous bridges
Delicate snow cover on a rooftop

 No visit to Bruges would be complete without trying some of the excellent Belgian beers on offer. In this warm and friendly restaurant, I'd never before seen so many beers listed. There were pages and pages of them, and it came down to choosing one, based on the brief explanation of each - a bit like choosing wine The choice made was a good one and the beer was excellent. Not being a beer drinker I was pleasantly suprised by how good it was.

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