Saturday, 26 March 2016

The Girl with the Pink Tattoo

Ellie worked as a waitress in an upmarket tea shop in the centre of Hamelin. In her early 20's, she was attractive in a sweet, wholesome way. She had a gentle voice and a dimpled, winning smile. Her dark hair was tied back and her friendly dark eyes twinkled when she took orders for pots of speciality tea, coffee and cakes. She was dressed in a conventional uniform of black with a white apron, but the skin on the inside of her right wrist revealed a tattoo. This was a delicate pink flower, resembling a dahlia, its petals opening out to cover a large area of her inner wrist.

Artisan cappucini, Hamelin
Like her, the tattoo had a certain delicacy and vulnerability; it suited her perfectly.
While Ellie did her job at the tea shop she paid attention to the customers. She was working there part time, a student at the nearby university. While she served Earl Grey, Lapsang Suchong and cups of Cappucino presented like works of art with decorative swirls on the top, her mind was often elsewhere, pondering on how she might be able to include relevant quotes and references from diverse sources in the psychology essay she was currently writing. She was a good student, and whilst on duty at the tea shop, she was good at her job, efficient, polite and attentive.

This job was a stop gap, a way of earning much-needed extra cash, but it also provided her with opportunities to observe the behaviour of the people who came into the tea shop.

Mick entered the tea shop with his wife. For once he'd accompanied her on a shopping trip. It was to be a big shop at a supermarket and the car was needed to transport the groceries, the Lambretta only being used for fetching small amounts of day to day essentials. It was raining and after they had shopped and packed the car and the cool box with their purchases, Mick suggested they should make the trip a bit more of an occasion by going for coffee and cake.

They entered the tea shop where Ellie worked and were directed to a table by the window. It wasn't busy, so Ellie left them for a short while to look at the menu and decide upon their choice of cake. As she took their order, Mick noticed the delicate pink flower tattooed on her inner wrist.

Asking Ellie what sort of flower it was he was taken back in time to the 1960s, when he was a young man enjoying the excitement of his relationship with his first girlfriend. Her name was Dahlia. 

Mick was unable to resist telling Ellie this. She listened attentively and bathed him with her warm smile. For once, Mick did not talk and talk. He noticed Ellie's quiet attentiveness, her sweet and wholesome nature and he simply thanked her for making him feel young again.

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