Thursday, 31 March 2016

The Woman who Looked like her Dog

Lunch time on a sunny Saturday. A small cafe/bookshop in a seaside town. Dogs are welcome and one has already come in with its owners and has settled down out of the way, under their table. But suddenly it perks up. Another dog has entered the cafe. This is an unusual dog - a Bedlington terrier - rarely seen. It is medium sized but is thin and looks like a small lamb, with a tightly curled coat. Its face is longish, and the breed has a mop of tight curls, like an overdone curly perm, on top of its head. These dogs are most commonly grey, but this one is white.

Red headed twins, Etretat, France
Following the dog is the owner, a well made-up woman somewhere in her 70s. Her nose is long and mirrors the dog's long face. Her hair is a brassy gold, dressed in a similar style to the dog's, with a band of coloured fabric tied around it. The fabric matches her top which is white with pink and blue patterns. Her flared trousers are white. She is immaculately dressed in the kind of clothes fashionable in the 1970s. She finds a table. Another woman follows her. She is dressed identically, with her brassy gold hair in a similar but less flamboyant style. The two women sit side by side, elderly twins dressed like young girls. Their identical blue-framed sunglasses sit side by side on the table as they peruse the menu. The dog settles down under the table like a well-behaved accessory.

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