Monday, 4 April 2016

Texan food

A "small" cookie!

Here we have the giant cookie, presented to me as a welcome to Texas gesture on my first visit here. The clue to all things Texan is size. It's big! As this cookie demonstrates. It took several of us about a week to demolish this, and even then we were avoiding the suspect bright blue icing. Cookies are on sale everywhere, along with coffee. Very nice for a mid-morning snack. But crammed full of sugar.

Things I've eaten in Texas are pretty much what you'd expect - a large tasty burger, and although I'm an infrequent burger eater, this was good (see below).

Plenty of salad is readily available in grocery stores, often packed for sale in large quantities into clear, see through plastic boxes. That's good too, although it might have started to go off in the fridge before all of it's polished off, there's so much of it.

I've eaten alligator here. These creatures are plentiful and some Texans (along with hunters in other states) go out and catch them. I was dubious, but tend to go for the "when in Rome" approach and try most things. Alligator wasn't anything to get worked up about. It looked and tasted quite chickeny. I survived with no repercussions.

Mexican food - sometimes called Tex Mex - is on offer here. I've been to a Mexican restaurant, an authentic old-style one in a more shabby part of town, but it came well-recommended. The food was plentiful and spicy hot. But not as hot as it could have been as I chose a more gentle option to the fiery stuff. I didn't like it, it's not for me, tacos excepted as they're bland.

Steak is of course a Texan staple, with cattle ranching all over the state. I rarely eat steak these days, but I'm told it's very good. I've had a burger - just once - it was a cheeseburger and I'd innocently thought it wouldn't have meat in it, just cheese. Cue rest of family falling about laughing when it was delivered and I realised that the cheese was just an accompaniment to the meat burger. I ate it (when in Rome etc...) and have to admit it was delicious.
Cupcake delights

Cupcakes and waffles abound. You can even make your own breakfast waffles in the shape of the state of Texas, using a special waffle grid. Waffles are served with maple syrup. Delicious, but oh so sugary (more of the deadly stuff) and calorific.

I could go on about Texan food for some time, there's so much variety and yes, you can get pretty much anything you fancy here. Fire roasted tomatoes, cowboy style baked beans - just imagine it then go looking for it on the shelves of the local grocery store.

Bon appetit!

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