Thursday, 16 June 2016

Get rid of the guns, get rid of the hate

Disabled gun statue outside UN Building, New York
I am angry and appalled. News had just broken of the shooting and stabbing of a British Member of Parliament - Jo Cox, a mum with 2 children - who was doing her job and her duty as an MP in her Yorkshire consituency. Why? What senseless world do we live in where this can happen, where the recent shootings in Orlando can happen, where children in schools, such as Sandy Hook in the US and Dunblane in Scotland are shot. How can this happen? Why does it happen?

It's time to get rid of the hate, the fear, the disregard for human life, the warfare, the inequality.

You could argue that shootings take place all the time, all over the world, whether in warfare or in supposed civil society. Shootings only take place because people have guns and other weapons - with easy access to the them in US - and the gun lobby want to hold on them as long as they can. Why?

Oh, I'm sure there could be many good reasons trotted in response to that question, some of them even sounding reasonable. But I, and maybe you too if you're reading this, know deep down inside that there is nothing productive and nothing to be gained by shooting, by killing, by hate.
I've had my rant, aired my views, got it off my chest, but deep inside I'm disturbed and saddened when people, peacefully and productively going about their everyday lives, are gunned down.

Get rid of the guns, get rid of the hate.

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